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A challenging session that is great for those new to Pilates, back from a workout hiatus or learning to modify due to a specific limitation. This class will introduce you to all of the Pilates Principals as well as the use of the various Pilates equipment. You will get an introduction to Pilates movements appropriate for your body. You will experience all of the equipment and learn to move between them efficiently and safely. Class is limited to 5 participants for a personalized experience.

C.E. I

A full body workout with the use of the Balance Body reformer. Great for those who are familiar navigating the equipment and have knowledge of the Pilates Principals. Pace is deliberate. You will stretch, strengthen and tone your body from head to toe and leave feeling energized.


A full body workout with the extra bonus of apparatus-assisted stretching. We will use the reformer to do light movement and deep stretching to leave you feeling long, loose and ready to take on whatever the day brings.


A full body workout utilizing a combination of equipment including reformer, chair, springboard and various Pilates props. This is a more challenging class and knowledge of Pilates principals, good body awareness along with the workings of the equipment are necessary. Pace is swift. Be prepared to be challenged….no workout will ever be the same. Prior Pilates experience is required.


Strength training combined with cardio using the Pilates Jumpboard is guaranteed to torch calories. This high energy, low impact class is perfect for those who love cardio. We will use the Pilates jumpboard to break a sweat, get your heart pumping and facilitate plyometric movement against spring tension (instead of gravity). Quick transitions and Pilates props will take your workout to a new level. Bring your water, you are going to need it!


Looking for a change in your routine? Bored with your workout? This is the class for you. We will use any and all of the Pilates equipment (reformer, tower/springboard, chair, ladder barrel, Cadillac and mat) to build strength, challenge the core and improve balance. With 5-10 work stations, this challenging workout will challenge your mind as well as your body. This is an active, heart-pumping workout so bring your energy and your water!


This is a fun all-level class! Be prepared to enjoy yourself as we explore all things Pilates. The possibilities are endless as we utilize all of the Pilates equipment (reformer, springboard, chair, mat, jumpboard and props). You never know what this class will be, guaranteed no class will ever be the same, but we promise you will have a blast kicking off your weekend with this upbeat, playful, active class.


We realize our bodies have different needs at differ3ent stages of our life. This class focuses on incorporating movements and gentle stretches for bodies over 50! Don’t be fooled by the name, this will still be a challenging class while being mindful of your movements. We will use a combination of reformer, tower and props to get a full body workout.


This class utilizes the Pilates Tower/Springboard. The Tower/Springboard is a perfect balance between mat work and reformer work. Exercises can be done seated, standing, kneeling and laying down using resistance and assistance training to build core strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. This apparatus will help articulate the spine, strengthen weak back muscles, while also improving balance.


A Pilates session for Moms to be and brand-new Moms. Take a moment to yourself whether getting back into a workout routine or preparing for a “NEW” workout routine. Make this Pilates class a part of your changing routine as you enter into this new exciting chapter of your life. All levels welcome, we will incorporate appropriate stretching and light exercises.

“Everyone is the architect of their own happiness”

Joseph Pilates